Somnia In Posterum

Lover of monsters, boys, and monster boys.I like to play games, draw, and write. Y'know, the usual.

27th September, '97
White & British
Genderqueer & Queer
Artist, Animator, & Writer
Poly Self-Shipper
Autistic & Dyslexic

All of my Fictional Others (Romantic/Familial/Platonic) as well as my comfort characters, can be found here:

All of my Self Inserts can be found here:

- Legend of Zelda
- Pokémon
- Transistor
- Borderlands series
- Team ICO's work
- Batman Arkham series
- Monster Hunter series
- Okami
- Stardew Valley
- Final Fantasy series
- Hollow Knight
- Dragon's Dogma
- Dark Souls, Bloodborne, & Elden Ring
- Minecraft
- Mass Effect trilogy
- Fire Emblem
- Star Wars
- Skyrim
- Genshin Impact

- No bigots, racists, LGBT-phobes, fatphobes, Nazis, ableists etc.
- No Nazi apologists/sympathizers, incest shippers, pedophiles etc.
- You think fiction doesn't affect reality.
- You partake/believe in cringe culture.
- Support genderbends.
- Tag my trans characters (pre-op, genderfluid etc.) and art as genderbends.
- Make 'Triggered' jokes.
- Make 'Autism' jokes.
- Produce/support/are neutral to pedophilic content of any kind, fictional or otherwise.
- Age up minors/age down adults to ship with them.
- Think bi-lesbians/homo or heteroflexible etc. people exist.
- Cannot or refuse to consume media critically.
- Support the creators of Helluva Boss, Hazbin Hotel, Killing Stalking and similar problematic medias.
- Fetishize LGBT+ identities.

IF YOU ARE A LOZ/SKYWARD SWORD FANIt's because of his treatment by Nintendo themselves as well as Zelda fans that I am very particular with who I follow that produce/consume content of Demon Lord Ghirahim.
Do NOT follow me if:
- You refuse to approach his character critically.
- You refuse to acknowledge his queercoding and in turn refuse to learn the problems with queercoding of villain characters especially.
- You ship him with minors or support/are neutral to people who do.
- You ship him with women/female-aligned characters.
- You write/draw him/support content of him as a stereotypically gay man/a caricature of a gay man and so make his flamboyancy his ONLY trait.